GR 20, stage 9: Refuge de l'Onda - Vizzavona

The 9th stage of the GR 20 trail (and the last one of its northern part) starts in Refuge de l'Onda (1430 m) and descends to Vizzavona (920 m), which is the midpoint between the northern and southern parts of the GR20. The highest point is at 2141 m, total ascent is 711 m, total descent is 1221 m. The route is 10 km long, average walking time is 5½ to 6 hours when walked from Onda or about 7 hours in the opposite direction.


The basic route of the GR20 is marked in blue in the map below. The red line indicates an alternative route across Monte d'Oro.

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  1. Refuge de Pietra Piana (1842 m)
  2. Refuge de l'Onda (1430 m)
  3. Crete de Muratellu (2064 m)
  4. Monte d'Oro (2389 m)
  5. Cascades des Anglais (1150 m)
  6. Vizzavona (920 m)
  7. Bergeries de Capannelle (1586 m)

Points of interest

  1. Bocca du Porco (2159 m)
  2. Lac d'Oro (1970 m)
  3. Quagno
  4. Tattone
  5. Canaglia

Lodging and food

  • Hotel I Laricci (tel. 0495472112) in Vizzavona offers 12 single and double rooms and three 6-bed dormitories. They accept credit cards.
  • Resto Refuge de la Gare (tel. 0495472220) in Vizzavona offers a restaurant and two 6-bed dormitories.
  • Hotel Monte d'Oro (tel. 0495472106, 0495472344) in the village of Foce offers single and double rooms.
  • Casa Alta is a bed&breakfast on the northern end of Vizzavona.
  • Free camping near the railway station in Vizzavona.

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