Long distance walking paths

Corsica's long distance footpaths offer a unique trekking experience to hikers of all fitness level and proficiency. Besides the famous GR 20 there are five other major routes -- three coast to coast walks (Mare a Mare) and two mostly coastal ones (Mare e Monti) -- and a couple of minor ones.

Paths overview

GR 20

GR 20 is a long distance trail that traverses Corsica diagonally from north to south. It is considered to be the most difficult of all the GR (Grand Randonee) hiking routes and one of the most beautiful mountain treks in Europe. The whole trek takes 16 days, though shorter variants are available too.

Mare a Mare Nord

Mare a Mare Nord is a long distance trail that crosses Corsica in its widest part from the Moriani village in the eastern coast to the town of Cargese in the West. With the highest point in 1478 m the trail can be walked from March to November and it is 7 to 10 days long.

Mare a Mare Centre

Mare a Mare Centre is a 7-day hike from Ghisonacia on the eastern coast through the heart of Corsica to Porticio on the western coast near Ajaccio. The trail is passable from April to November, each of its seven stages take 3 to 7 hours, and its highest point is at 1525 m.

Mare a Mare Sud

Mare a Mare Sud is the shortest of all the Mare a Mare (sea to sea) routes. It's an easy 5-day hike through the Alta Rocca region from Porto-Vecchio in the Southeast to Propriano in the Southwest.

Tra Mare e Monti

Tra Mare e Monti (Nord) is an easier, 9 to 11 day long trail that can be walked in any season of the year. The route starts in Calenzana and goes South along the coast to Cargese.

Mare e Monti Sud

Mare e Monti Sud goes between bays of two seaside resorts Propriano and Porticio, and connects another two long-distance trails, the Mare a Mare Sud and the Mare a Mare Centre.

Map of the hiking trails

The map below shows all the trekking routes listed above including their major variants. The red markers indicate starting (ending) points and crossings.

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  1. Calenzana (GR 20, Tra Mare e Monti)
  2. Col de Vergio (crossing of GR 20 and Mare a Mare Nord)
  3. Evisa (join of Tra Mare e Monti and Mare a Mare Nord basic route)
  4. Cargese (Tra Mare e Monti, Mare a Mare Nord)
  5. Moriani (Mare a Mare Nord)
  6. Refuge de l'Onda (crossing of GR 20 and Mare a Mare Nord variant)
  7. Porticcio (Mare a Mare Centre, Mare e Monti Sud)
  8. Bisinao - Punta Cozzanicciu (join of Mare a Mare Centre and Mare e Monti Sud)
  9. Col de Laparo (crossing of GR 20 and Mare a Mare Centre)
  10. Ghisonaccia (Mare a Mare Centre)
  11. Porto-Pollo (Mare a Mare Sud)
  12. Burgo (Mare a Mare Sud)
  13. Conca (GR 20)
  14. Porto-Vechio (Mare a Mare Sud)

There are a couple of less known long distance trails, for instance the Sentier de la Transhumance from Calenzana to Corscia, Sentier du Douanier in Cap Corse, Sentier du Littoral through the Agriates Desert or the Sentier Ile Rousse - Corte, and a lot of day hikes and short walks.

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