Sentier l'Ile Rousse - Corte

As its name suggests, this route connects l'Ile Rousse on the Western coast with Corte in central Corsica. It's an easier 7-day hike with the stages that take five to ten hours. The trail can be walked from early spring to late autumn, although Balagne between l'Ile Rousse and Speloncato is quite hot in summer.

Map of the Sentier l'Ile Rousse - Corte

The marked places are either larger villages (or towns) or places where overnight accommodation is possible. An altitude in metres is given at every marked place. The route joins the Mare a Mare trail in Bocca a l'Arinella.

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  1. l'Ile Rousse
  2. Monticello (218 m)
  3. Speloncato (560 m)
  4. Olmi-Cappella (800 m)
  5. Vallica (820 m)
  6. Piana (310 m)
  7. Moltifao (447 m)
  8. Asco (600 m)
  9. Berg de Cabane (1205 m)
  10. Corscia (850 m)
  11. Bocca a l'Arinella (1592 m)
  12. Refuge de la Sega (1166 m)
  13. Corte (407 m)

Note: For the best online map of Corsica go to Gé, click on "Corse" on its home page, then select "Carte" left of the map and zoom to the ratio scale of at least 1:13000, where major hiking trails are mapped in purple and even contour lines are displayed.


Even though I walked along a part of this route myself, I did not find any official information about its stages, walking times etc. Daily stages should be probably as follows:

  1. L'Ile Rouse - Speloncato
  2. Speloncato - Olmi Capella
  3. Olmi Capella - Moltifao
  4. Moltifao - Asco
  5. Asco - Corscia
  6. Corscia - Sega
  7. Sega - Corte

There are not many budget accommodation possibilities along the route, just the campsites in Monticello, Vallica and Corte, gites in Berg de Cabane and Corscia, and refuge de la Sega.

Getting there and out

L'Ile Rousse is accessible by ferries from France or by train from another two harbours -- Calvi and Bastia. These two towns have airports too. Corte is located on the railroad between Ponte Leccia and Ajaccio (see Getting around Corsica by train), as well as on the bus route Ajaccio - Corte - Bastia.

Photos of the trail

Check out the photos of l'Ile Rousse, Corte and the landscape and villages along the route.

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