GR 20, stage 8: Refuge de Pietra Piana - Refuge de l'Onda

The 8th stage of the GR 20 trail starts in Refuge de Pietra Piana (1842 m, the highest point of the stage) and ends in Refuge de l'Onda (1430 m). It's an easy trek with total ascent of 490 m and total descent of 902 m. The route is 10 km long, average walking time is about 5 hours when walked from Refuge de Pietra Piana or about 15 minutes longer in the opposite direction.


The basic route of the GR20 is marked in blue in the map below. The red line indicates an alternative route via Pinzi Corbini.

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  1. Refuge de Manganu (1601 m)
  2. Refuge de Pietra Piana (1842 m)
  3. Bergerries de Gilagu (1609 m)
  4. Bocca Manganellu
  5. Bergerie de Tolla (1011 m)
  6. Pinzi Corbini (2021 m)
  7. Bocca d'Oreccia (1427 m)
  8. Refuge de l'Onda (1430 m)
  9. Vizzavona (920 m)

Points of interest

  1. Monte Rotondo (Ritondu; 2622 m)
  2. Canaglia (600 m)
  3. Tattone (600 m)

Lodging and food

  • Bergerie de Gialgu sells bread, cheeses and wine.
  • Bergerie de Tolla offers traditional Corsican cuisine.
  • Refuge de l'Onda offers beds for 8.38 €/bed, campground (3.05 €/person) and basic food.
  • There are bars, restaurants, shops and two campsites in the villages of Canaglia and Tattone.

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