GR 20, stage 4: Refuge d'Asco Stagnu - Refuge de Tighjettu

The 4th stage of the GR 20 trail starts in Haut Asco (1422 m) and ends in Refuge de Tighjettu (1683 m) or Bergeries de Ballone (1440 m). The highest point is Col de Minuta at 2183 m, total ascent is 999 m, total descent is 738 m. The route is 8 km long, average walking time is about 6 hours in both directions, plus another half an hour when walked to/from Bergeries de Ballone.


The basic route of the GR20 is marked in blue in the map below. The red line indicates a side trip to Monte Cinto (2706 m), the highest mountain of Corsica.

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  1. Refuge de Carrozzu (1270 m)
  2. Refuge d'Asco Stagnu (Haut Asco; 1422 m)
  3. Col de Pedru (2183 m)
  4. Cirque de la Solitude
  5. Col de Minuta (2218 m)
  6. Ravin de Strancione
  7. Refuge de Tighjettu (1683 m)
  8. Bergeries de Ballone (1440 m)

Points of interest

  1. Monte Cinto (2706 m)
  2. Punta Minuta (2556 m)
  3. Lac Du Cinto (2289 m)
  4. Refuge de l'Erco (1667 m)
  5. Lozzi (1029 m)
  6. Calasima (1100 m)

Lodging and food

  • Refuge de Tighjettu offers 48 beds (8.38 €/bed) and a rather small campground (3.05 €/person).
  • Bergerie de Ballone offers a restaurant, place for camping or bivouac and beds in a big tent for 1.52 €.

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