GR 20, stage 15: Refuge de Paliri - Conca

The last (15th) stage of the GR 20 trail descends from Refuge de Paliri (1055 m, the highest point of the stage) to Conca (252 m). Total ascent is 160 m only, total descent is 926 m. The route is 12 km long, average walking time is 5 hours when walked from Paliri or 6h15 in the opposite direction.

The basic route of the GR20 is marked in blue in the map below.

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  1. Refuge d'Asiano (1530 m)
  2. Refuge de Paliri (1055 m)
  3. Anima Damnata (1091 m)
  4. Foce di Bracciu (917 m)
  5. Col de Sordu (1065 m)
  6. Ravin de Punta Pinzuta
  7. Col d'Usciolu (587 m)
  8. Conca (252 m)

Lodging and food

  • Gite d'etape La Tonnelle (tel. 0495714655) in Conca offers rooms for 2, 3 or 4 persons with private bathroom and a campsite.
  • Hotel San Pasquale (tel. 0495715613) in Conca offers double rooms for 38 to 54€.
  • There are restaurants, bars and shops in Conca.

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