New flights from Gatwick to Corsica

Low-cost operator easyJet offers new flights from London-Gatwick to Ajaccio and Bastia since May 2008. Flights are scheduled on Sundays with fares from £39.99 to about £100 incl. taxes and charges. For more direct and indirect flights to Corsica check out updated page Getting to Corsica by air.

Posted by Marek Prokop on Wed, 2008-01-16 22:00

Easy Jet offers on new

Easy Jet offers on new flights from London-Gatwick to Ajaccio and Bastia were an absolutely brilliant and economical offer for regular travelers like me, I travel almost day after another because of buy coursework online uk work and if I travel normally in economy class of any other Airline so fares of were £59 to around £140 and on the otherhand Easy Jet fares are remarkably low-cost then any other Airways...

graciewillow – Wed, 2017 – 10 – 18 05:37

Comparison between Easy Jet

Comparison between Easy Jet and other Airways Easy Jet fares are comparatively cheaper than other Airways assignment expert uk, Gatwick to Corsica fares of Easy Jet are £39 to £59 which is much lesser than other Airlines which make me choose Easy Jet over other Airways...

maisieacton10 – Fri, 2017 – 10 – 20 12:08