Corsica discussion forum launched

I’ve just launched a discussion board on There are two forums available for the time being:

  • GR 20 forum for any questions and topics related to the GR 20 trail. I’ve moved there most Q/A comments from the GR 20 page, so the forum already offers a fair amount of knowledge about this popular trek.
  • General Corsica forum for any other topics related to Corsica Island. It’s almost empty for now and I hope you’ll help me to fill it with questions and answers, your personal reviews etc.

I can add more forums later, if they prove to be useful.

Along with the discussion forums I’ve enabled a user registration. You need not be registered and logged in to post into the forums, but if you prefer to see your name (or nickname) at your posts instead of just an “anonymous visitor”, please register.

Happy chatting!

Posted by Marek Prokop on Sat, 2007-07-21 10:21

Alongside the dialog

Alongside the dialog discussions I've empowered a client enrollment. You require not be enrolled and signed in to post into the discussions, however in the event that you like to see your name (or moniker) at your posts rather than only a "mysterious guest", UK Essay

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