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Posted: Mon, Nov 23, 2020, 12:38

What're Remote Proctoring applications?

It's a sophisticated form of technology which plays the use of invigilating/monitoring the evaluations that are conducted through an online examination program. It is made up of a series of technologies which are incorporated to form a robust online assessment invigilation procedure that's regulated either by the AI or even a proctor. These technologies assist in safeguarding the whole online test procedure right from the start until the end.

Exactly what are the kinds of Proctoring?
There are three kinds of online examination proctoring inform by EzExam specialist:

Live Online Proctoring

Inside this proctoring the whole test-taking candidates are tracked in real-time with the assistance of audio-video live streaming and monitor stocks. In this, a proctor is stationed in a remote location and can track up to 12 to 20 displays simultaneously in a grid view.

Recorded Proctoring

It differs from live proctoring just in 1 way, and that's everything gets listed only to be seen later by a proctor. Audio-visual records and display shares are continuously recorded throughout the whole test, and the proctor produces a reasonable decision when he views all of the documents in fast forward mode.

Advanced automatic proctoring

Contrary to the other two kinds of proctoring, in advanced automated proctoring the programs, AI attribute takes care of nearly all of the things. Additionally, it is made up of audio-visual records and display share, but other than that, and it means to catch any unusual/misleading action with the assistance of analytics.

How can Online Proctoring software work?

The online proctoring application works in several phases which start in the next -

Candidate Authentication

The very first step would be to authenticate the test taker' individuality, where the internet camera of this laptop/desktop is utilized. The evaluation trying Candidate should supply the Aadhar card along with the webcam will comprehend the surface of the test taker in contrast with the picture provided on the Aadhaar card. When the proctor is verified of the identity of the test taker, he could affirm the measure from his conclusion. In the event, the proctor increases the matter, then this measure will repeat.

Audio-Video Recording/live flow

When the Candidate's identity was confirmed, the test starts. Right from the start of the evaluation, the audio-video live stream begins playing the proctor's Display, and he must track the test-takers via a grid perspective. The proctor also gets access to each test taker's screen and also he can see what the Candidate is currently performing on his apparatus.

Generating Report

Once the evaluation becomes over, a thorough candidate operation report is generated by the administrator can see the test taker's performance during the test. It highlights any cheating effort or uncertainty of cheating during the evaluation. Also, it may reveal the marks obtained and the total percentage.

How many candidates can a proctor track at the same time?

In the event of Live Proctoring, the proctor invigilates 15 to 20 applicants at once in a grid perspective whereas at remote proctoring that the proctor invigilates up to 20 candidates examine by using their listed audio-videos and display view.

How can remote proctoring software guarantee cheat-proof exams?

Remote proctoring software comes integrated with the following technologies which guarantee tests with No malpractice in the Candidate's end-tell from EzExam professional:

  • Candidate authentication
  • Display suspend
  • Disabling copy-paste and screenshot
  • Browsing restriction
  • Audio-video live opinion
  • Audio-video recording
  • real picture capturing
  • Live discussion interaction
  • Candidate obstructing
  • What're Remote Proctoring applications useful?

    Remote proctoring technology has helped in creating online exam software-based evaluations more scalable. Now candidates can try high bet exams from the area of their house in a safe test-taking atmosphere. Additionally, it reduces all kinds of guide hassles in the administrator's conclusion and gets rid of the dependence on evaluation centres.

    Exactly what are the systems requirements for remote proctoring?

    The test taker should have access to your notebook or a desktop computer; cellular phones have to be rigorously avoided. A trusted online connection is compulsory and if at least have 1 litre of speed. The test-taking device needs to have an excellent webcam, and the microphone has to be connected. The exam-taker should try a couple of mock tests beforehand to prevent any last moment technical troubles.

    Exactly what can a distant proctor see?

    Based on EzExam specialist"A distant proctor tracks up to 15 applicants simultaneously. For all of the 15 candidates that the proctor can view their audio-video live perspective where the candidates each action can be considered obviously. Additionally, the proctor may see their test displays and track their moves on the test-taking device. In the event of suspicion, the proctor may zoom on a candidate's Display and find a crystal clear perspective of what is occurring."

    Can it be possible for a candidate to cheat in an online proctored examination?

    Presently, every alien proctoring technology readily available in the marketplace guarantees high security by its numerous AI integrated attributes. If a test has been conducted with online examination software and is utilizing remote proctoring for invigilation afterwards, it's close to impossible to get a candidate to cheat inside.

    Can Be distant proctoring software pricey?
    The purchase of the technology is dependent upon your budget. There are lots of expensive proctoring services offered on the current market, but you may also opt for the ones offered at a reasonable price. EzExam Remote Proctoring applications provide you with the very best of proctoring attribute that even at an extremely cost-effective price, so it's possible to elect for it.


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